Office design: the latest trends in workspace architecture

Whether we are currently in the office or not, corporate identity is expressed through workspace design. For your home office, draw inspiration from the latest design trends and evolving ideas across the realm of office design. Work it.

Combining the region’s industrial heritage with a wild, green garden, this office building is a refreshing piece of architecture that brings together clever, sharp contemporary design and nature. The project, designed by local architects Studio Anton Hendrik Denys in collaboration with Steen Architecten houses an IT consultancy’s headquarters. The brief outlined the refresh of an existing structure in an industrial zone in central Belgium. The architects obliged, stripping away the original building and transforming it using softly reflective, undulating, silver-coloured aluminium panels. A lush garden complements the architecture through contrast. Photography: Hannelore Veelaert

100 works to know now: R & Company curates dynamic exhibition

New York gallery R & Company shows 50 historical and 50 contemporary works by important artists in America. A dynamic snapshot of how design and art intersect today, the exhibition pays tribute to a 1960s show by gallerist Lee Nordness, presented at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC, featuring a diverse group of creatives working at the cusp of art, craft and design

Back in 1969, an exhibition curated by the entrepreneurial gallerist Lee Nordness entitled ‘Objects: USA’ opened at what is now the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. Bringing together a roster of both established and rising artists who used craft techniques to make art, the seminal survey catapulted figures such as Anni Albers, Sheila Hicks, Wendell Castle and George Nakashima to new heights of recognition that subsequently altered the course of design and art in America.

Now, the similarly pioneering New York gallery R & Company builds upon the foundation laid down all those years ago with ‘Objects: USA 2020’ – an expansive exhibition of design objects and a comprehensive accompanying book that add contemporary names to the original roster, thus continuing the first show’s legacy into the 21st century. With historical objects selected by curator and writer Glenn Adamson and R & Company’s curator and director of museum relations James Zemaitis, the new exhibition balances 50 figures from the original show with 50 contemporary artists, selected by Adamson, gallery co-founder Evan Snyderman, and Object & Thing founder Abby Bangser, to form a dynamic snapshot of how design and art intersect today. 

Casa Mutina Modena is an immersive showcase of minimalist interiors

Designed by OEO Studio, Casa Mutina Modena comprises four apartments showcasing Italian tile brand Mutina’s entire range. The immersive setting merges iconic design with a calming interior scheme

Located in the heart of Modena, Casa Mutina is a new venue designed by Copenhagen-based OEO Studio to showcase the brand’s collections in an immersive environment.

Italian tile company Mutina launches a new interiors service, previewed with a new space in the heart of Modena. Dubbed Casa Mutina Modena and located in the historical town centre, the project comprises a series of apartments that offer an immersive view of the brand’s products. The spaces are fitted out and furnished to showcase a curated mix of colours, textures and materials, as well as contemporary and modern design pieces.

The interiors were created by Copenhagen-based practice OEO Studio, which devised four apartments (available to the brand’s guests and staff, and accessible by appointment). Each embodies a different visual moodboard that highlights the Mutina range and the possibilities of the company’s materials.